Linda Hoover - Refined Horsemanship Training


Linda Hoover Training HorsesWho doesn't love to handle and ride a horse that is relaxed, responsive and confident?

Whether you ride dressage, over fences or simply desire to ride effectively, we all recognize that these elements are important for the horse's success in life and the attainment of our goals. Through the teaching and training programs at Cornerstones, your needs as well as those of your horse are addressed. While subscribing to classical ideals, a custom program is created, for you, based on real needs. Your program is based on proven learning techniques and seeks tangible results.

The creation of a strong partnership between you and your horse is paramount to success. The strength of the partnership is determined by how well each understands the role they are to play.

• For you, it is to be a clear, empathetic leader. This starts by having a willingness to have the horse's best interest in mind, an open-mindedness to learn along with your horse, and a commitment to continually improve your skills.

• For your horse, it is to be receptive and prepared to meet your requests mentally and physically.

Linda Hoover


  "Horse trainers train horses. Horsemen work on themselves."  Tom Dorrance